Alphabet Rhyme


Alphabet Rhyme

Game Details

  • Rating: -
  • Developer: Eduplayzone
  • Released: September 2023
  • Technology: HTML5
  • Platforms: Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Classification: Games » Puzzle » Object Sorting

Welcome to Alphabet Rhyme, the fun and educational alphabet learning game on Eduplayzone!

Help kids learn the alphabet and expand their vocabulary with Alphabet Rhyme. In this engaging game, children are presented with alphabet-related questions and are tasked with selecting the correct answer from multiple options.

How to Play:

  • Read the alphabet-related question presented on the screen.
  • Choose the correct answer from the list of options provided.
  • Continue answering questions to progress through levels and learn new words.
  • Enjoy colorful visuals and engaging animations that make learning fun.
  • Receive immediate feedback on your answers to reinforce learning.

Alphabet Rhyme provides an interactive and enjoyable way for kids to learn alphabets and words. Whether you're a parent, teacher, or child, this game offers a fun and effective tool for language learning.

Why kids will love Alphabet Rhyme:

  • Exciting alphabet learning gameplay that makes learning fun
  • Colorful visuals and engaging animations that capture attention
  • Opportunities to learn new words and expand vocabulary
  • Immediate feedback to reinforce learning and encourage progress
  • Perfect for kids of all ages and learning levels
  • Encourages independent learning and language development

Don't miss out on the opportunity to help kids learn alphabets and words in an interactive and engaging way. Play Alphabet Rhyme now!

Release Date:

  • September 2023 (Web)


  • Web browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)