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Learn Lingo

Game Details

  • Rating: 4.5 (122)
  • Developer: Eduplayzone
  • Released: February 2024
  • Technology: Unity
  • Platforms: Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Classification: Games » Puzzle » Language Learning

Welcome to Learn Lingo on Eduplayzone, where language learning meets excitement and fun! Learn Lingo is an innovative game designed to make language learning a delightful and interactive experience for learners of all ages. Gone are the days of tedious textbooks and monotonous drills – with Learn Lingo, learners embark on a journey of exploration and discovery through captivating visuals, engaging sound effects, and diverse gameplay options.

At its core, "Learn Lingo" is more than just a game – it's a powerful tool for language acquisition and proficiency. Through its carefully crafted levels and challenges, "Learn Lingo" aims to help learners grasp language concepts effortlessly while having a blast. Whether you're a student looking to improve your language skills or a parent seeking a fun and educational activity for your child, "Learn Lingo" offers something for everyone.

How to Play:

  • Choose a Category: Start by selecting a category to play from the available options. Whether you're interested in story-based learning or language-based challenges like Hindi to English translation, there's a category suited for you.
  • Read the Task Text: Once you've selected a category, you'll be presented with a task text that describes what you need to do in that level. This could involve translating a sentence, filling in the blanks, or listening to a sound and writing the corresponding word.
  • View Random Words: In the game, you'll encounter random words related to the task at hand. These words could be in the target language or involve concepts related to the task.
  • Complete the Task: Your objective is to select the words in the correct order to fulfill the task mentioned in the task text. For example, if the task is to translate a sentence, you'll need to arrange the words in the correct order to form a meaningful translation.
  • Listen and Respond: In some levels, you'll be required to listen to a sound and respond accordingly. Pay attention to the sound and select the correct word or phrase that corresponds to what you hear.
  • View Progress and Score: After completing the level, you'll be shown your progress and score. This provides feedback on how well you performed in the task and allows you to track your improvement over time.
  • Earn Play Points: Based on your performance, you'll receive play points that can be used to unlock additional features or levels in the game. The better your score, the more play points you'll earn.

One of the standout features of "Learn Lingo" is its multiple categories and types of levels. From language classification exercises to story-based learning adventures, there's a wide range of options to suit every learner's preferences and interests. Whether you're learning a new language from scratch or reinforcing your existing skills, "Learn Lingo" provides a dynamic and immersive learning environment that keeps boredom at bay and excitement levels high.

With its user-friendly interface, stunning visual graphics, and immersive sound effects, "Learn Lingo" transforms language learning into an enjoyable and enriching experience. Whether you're exploring the intricacies of grammar, expanding your vocabulary, or diving into the depths of language comprehension, "Learn Lingo" ensures that every moment spent playing is a step closer to language mastery. Join us on this adventure of linguistic exploration and let "Learn Lingo" be your guide to unlocking the world of language in a fun and interactive way!

Why you'll love Learn Lingo:

  • Story-based Language Learning: Dive into the world of language through captivating stories that make learning feel like an adventure. With Learn Lingo's story-based approach, language learning becomes not just an educational task, but a thrilling journey of discovery.
  • Multiple Indian Languages: Explore the rich tapestry of Indian languages with Learn Lingo's diverse selection of language options. Whether you're interested in mastering Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, or any other Indian language, Learn Lingo has you covered.
  • Audio and Sound Immersion: Immerse yourself in the world of language with Learn Lingo's audio and sound effects. From the melodic tones of native speakers to the immersive soundscapes of different environments, Learn Lingo brings language learning to life through auditory immersion.
  • Engaging Gameplay: Say goodbye to dull and repetitive language drills! Learn Lingo offers engaging gameplay that keeps you hooked from start to finish. With interactive challenges, dynamic levels, and exciting rewards, learning a new language has never been more fun.
  • Fun Vocabulary Expansion: Expand your vocabulary effortlessly as you play Learn Lingo. From everyday words to specialized terms, Learn Lingo introduces new vocabulary in a fun and memorable way, ensuring that you retain what you learn for years to come.
  • Unlockable Achievements and Rewards: Stay motivated and track your progress with Learn Lingo's unlockable achievements and rewards. Whether you're earning badges for completing levels or unlocking special bonuses for mastering difficult concepts, Learn Lingo keeps you motivated to keep learning and growing.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your language skills in a fun and interactive way. Play Learn Lingo now!

Release Date:

  • February 2024 (Web)


  • Web browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)




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