Cross Word


Cross Word


Game Details

  • Rating: -
  • Developer: Eduplayzone
  • Released: October 2023
  • Technology:HTML5
  • Platforms: Browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)
  • Classification: Games � Puzzle � Crossword

Welcome to Cross Word, the classic crossword puzzle game on Eduplayzone!

Challenge your intellect and vocabulary skills with Cross Word. Engage in a mental workout as you fill in the blanks to complete words and solve the puzzle.

How to Play:

  • Click on a cell to start typing.
  • Type in the letters to form a word.
  • Use clues provided to guide your word choices.
  • Fill in all the blanks to complete the crossword puzzle.
  • Advance to higher levels with increasingly challenging puzzles.
  • Enjoy a variety of themes and topics to keep the game fresh and exciting.

With Cross Word, you can exercise your brain and expand your vocabulary while having fun.

Why you'll love Cross Word:

  • Classic crossword puzzle gameplay
  • Diverse range of themes and topics
  • Gradually increasing difficulty to test your intellect
  • Interactive and suitable for players of all ages
  • Compete with yourself or friends to solve puzzles faster
  • Regular updates with fresh content and new challenges

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your vocabulary and sharpen your problem-solving skills. Play Cross Word now!

Release Date:

  • October 2023 (Web)


  • Web browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)




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