Match-Up Madness


Match-Up Madness

Game Details

  • Developer: Eduplayzone
  • Released: May 2024
  • Technology: HTML5
  • Platforms: Desktop | Mobile | Tablet
  • Classification: Games ยป Puzzle ยป Memory Matching

Introducing Match-Up Madness: A Memory Game, the thrilling memory challenge on EduPlayZone!

Hey there! Welcome to Match-Up Madness: A Memory Game! This game is all about testing your memory skills in a fun and exciting way. When you start playing, you'll see a bunch of emojis on the screen, each hiding a matching pair. Your job is to remember where each emoji is hiding its twin. Then, you click on one emoji to reveal it, and try to find its match by clicking on another one. Keep doing this until you've found all the matching pairs. But watch out, you've got to do it before the time runs out! As you play, the levels get trickier with more emojis to match. It's a great game for anyone, whether you're just starting out or you're a pro gamer. So, come join the fun and challenge yourself with Match-Up Madness: A Memory Game!

How to Play:

  • Remember where the emojis are.
  • Tap one emoji to see what it is, then tap another to find its match.
  • Keep tapping emojis to find all the pairs.
  • Try to finish before time runs out.
  • Move through harder levels with more emojis.
  • Aim to match all pairs quickly and correctly for a perfect score.

Every time you dive into Match-Up Madness: A Memory Game, get ready for a fresh and exciting challenge! Each playthrough loads up a brand new set of emojis, ensuring endless variety and keeping you on the edge of your seat. Plus, the game starts you off with easy levels and gradually ramps up the difficulty as you progress, giving you the perfect opportunity to sharpen your memory skills and become a true pro. As you match emojis, you'll be treated to satisfying sound effects that enhance your gaming experience. And here's the cherry on top: once you've matched all the emojis, the game provides you with fascinating data, like how long it took you to finish and your memorization power percentage. It's like a personalized report on your memory skills based on your gameplay. So, get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of memory challenges and see just how sharp your memory can be with Match-Up Madness: A Memory Game

Why you'll love Match-Up Madness: A Memory Game:

  • Fun to play and keeps you interested.
  • Lots of different emojis to discover and match.
  • Gets harder as you go, giving you a good challenge.
  • Easy to use controls, just click to play.
  • Suitable for everyone, no matter how skilled or old you are.
  • We regularly add new levels and themes to keep things fresh and exciting.

Don't miss out on the chance to elevate your memory and focus abilities through an immersive and enjoyable experience. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Match-Up Madness: A Memory Game today, and embark on a journey to sharpen your cognitive prowess!

Release Date:

  • May 2024 (Web)


  • Web browser (desktop, mobile, tablet)